Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Soul growing through art

One of my polymer pals asked me about how I apply my education. It's an excellent question, and has me musing about how I could expand what I'm doing with it. I spent a great deal of time in school thinking about symbols and how they work in our lives. Some of my academic exploration was experiential, creating art. But that creation often sprang from alpha-state consciousness.

The alpha-state is a dreamy, meditative brainwave state. I learned many psycho-technologies for getting to that state, and it seems to me that I should be sharing some of those tools with my creative friends. Guided meditation, shamanic journeying, dream incubation, proprioceptive writing and other techniques are in my tool-box. It's time to find ways to get those out into the world.

I think I've got a good opportunity coming up. The NWPCG is having our annual Clay Camp, an art-making "summer camp" (in May) for adults. We'll be having a variety of classes, demos and events, and it's the perfect time to introduce my "woo-woo" side to my poly-pals. See this space in the future to see what I come up with!

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  1. Yea Patricia - go get 'em!
    I just found your blog, and realize by this time you've already done the camp. How did the psycho-initiation go?
    - Tina